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Dr. Feng-Yi Yang received the 2013 Academia Sinica Research Award for Junior Research Investigators
Dr. Feng-Yi Yang, faculty of Department of Biomedical Imaging and Radiological Sciences of our University received the 2013 Junior Research Investigators Award (Life Sciences Division) by Academia Sinica for his "Ultrasound with target drug for chemotherapy". This Award encourages junior researchers in Taiwan to publish papers of major contribution in their research fields.
Dr. Yang's group demonstrated that ligand-conjugated liposomal technology assisted by pulsed focused ultrasound is able to concentrate high-dose chemotherapeutic drugs into brain tumors and improve their antitumor effects. The integration of targeted nano-anticancer drugs and ultrasound targeted drug delivery system may open a window for achieving enhanced local drug delivery and treatment efficacy with minimal side effects in the chemotherapy of high-grade gliomas and other brain diseases. Furthermore, integrated pulsed-HIFU and ultrasound imaging may be a useful tool for a real-time image-guided drug delivery system. Monitoring of the changes of peak systolic velocity (PSV) or pulsatility index (PI) might be useful as an online method to ensure the position of the sonicated site and to indicate when drug delivery occurs.
Dr. Yang will be focused on the diseases therapy and bio-effects by image-guided ultrasound targeted drug delivery system in the future research.
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