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Dept. characteristics
Our department is the ONLY ONE education center among national universities. Continuous improvement of all students and teachers adhere to the quality on teaching and research to establish an advance competitiveness and the pursuit of excellence in the core value of faith that help us to training the leaders into radiology and related area, such as radiological technology, radiological medicine, biology, chemistry, pharmacy, radiation physics, biomedical imaging.
The purpose of our institute is to train lots of professional teachers and advanced researchers on Medical Physics, Biomedical Imaging, Radiobiology, Nuclear Medicine and Radiological Medical fields in clinical and elevate our technical applications and the level of research and development.
The radiation safety for exposure in medical, industrial and nuclear power becomes a topic that mentioned from person to person. To solve these problem, we need to rely on long-term and deep research in Radiobiology and Healthy Physics to provide our government the professional advisories and services.
Our department in addition to training professional personal specialized in biomedical imaging and radiation sciences are also welcome professionals to continue their second-skill studies.