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Wu, Yu-Te


Wu, Yu-Te  Professor


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, USA


Office : Information and Research Building Room 832

Phone:(02)2826-7169(office) (02)2826-7000 #6138(lab)

E-mail :
Consultation time : Tue 12:30 ~ 15:20
Field of Research



Research Interest

Medical image and signal processing, Medical engineering, EA information engineering

Aademic Masterpiece

1. Chia-Feng Lu, Wan-Yuo Guo, Feng-Chi Chang, Shang-Ran Huang, Yen-Chun Chou, Yu-Te Wu*. Hemodynamic Segmentation of Brain Perfusion Images with Delay and Dispersion Effects Using an Expectation-Maximization Algorithm. PLOS ONE, in press (Impact factor = 4.092, Rank: 12/85=14.1%).
2. Yuan-Lin Liao, Po-Shan Wang, Chih-I Hung, Chia-Feng Lu, Cheng-Ta Li, Ching-Po Lin, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Tung-Ping Su*, Yu-Te Wu*. Cortical Shape and Curvedness Analysis of Structural Deficits in Remitting and Non-remitting Depression. PLOS ONE, in press (Impact factor = 4.092, Rank: 12/85=14.1%).
3. Chia-Feng Lu, Po-Shan Wang, Yuan-Lin Lao, Hsiu-Mei Wu, Bing-Wen Soong*, Yu-Te Wu*. Pontocerebellar White Matter Degeneration Altered Brain Network Organization and Cortical Morphology in Multiple System Atrophy. BRAIN STRUCTURE & FUNCTION, published online, 2013 (Impact factor: 5.628, Rank: 1/21= 4.7%).
4. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Fronto-occipital fasciculus, corpus callosum and superior longitudinal fasciculus tract alterations of first-episode, medication-naive and late-onset panic disorder patients. JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS 2013; (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.74;Rank: 15.45%)
5. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Changes in gray matter volume of remitted first-episode, drug-naive, panic disorder patients after 6-week antidepressant therapy. JOURNAL OF PSYCHIATRIC RESEARCH 2013;47(1):122-127 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.827;Rank: 13.64%)
6. Yuan-Lin Liao, Chia-Feng Lu, Chieh-Tsai Wu, Jiann-Der Lee, Shih-Tseng Lee, Yung-Nien Sun, Yu-Te Wu*. Using Three-Dimensional Multigrid-Based Snake and Multiresolution Image Registration for Reconstruction of Cranial Defect. MEDICAL & BIOLOGICAL ENGINEERING & COMPUTING 2013;: (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.791;Rank: 25.77%)
7. Hui-Hsin Hu, Hui-Yun Chen, Chih-I Hung,Wan-Yuo Guo, Yu-Te Wu*. Shape and curvedness analysis of brain morphology using human fetal magnetic resonance images in utero. Brain Structure & Function 2013;: (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.982;Rank: 5.26%)
8. Chia-Feng Lu, Bing-Wen Soong, Hsiu-Mei Wu, Shin Teng, Po-Shan Wang, Yu-Te Wu*. Disrupted Cerebellar Connectivity Reduces Whole-Brain Network Efficiency in Multiple System Atrophy. MOVEMENT DISORDERS 2013;28(3):362-369 (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.48;Rank: 14.59%)
9. Yu-Te Wu, Kuo-Kai Shyu, Chii-Wen Jao, Yuan-Lin Liao, Tzu-Yun Wang, Hsiu-Mei Wu, Po-Shan Wang, Bing-Wen Soong. Quantifying cerebellar atrophy in multiple system atrophy of the cerebellar type (MSA-C) using three-dimensional gyrification index analysis. NEUROIMAGE 2012;61(1):1-9 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.937;Rank: 2.65%)
10. Po-Shan Wang, Hung-Chieh Chen, Hsiu-Mei Wu, Jiing-Feng Lirng, Yu-Te Wu*, Bing-Wen Soong*. Association Between Proton Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Measurements and CAG Repeat Number in Patients With Spinocerebellar Ataxias 2, 3, or 6. PLoS One 2012;7(10): e47479 (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.411;Rank: 13.95%)
11. Hsien-Lin Cheng, Chun-Jen Lin, Bing-Wen Soong, Pei-Ning Wang, Feng-Chi Chang, Yu-Te Wu, Kun-Hsien Chou, Ching-Po Lin, Pei-Chi Tu, I-Hui Lee. Impairments in cognitive function and brain connectivity in severe asymptomatic carotid stenosis. STROKE 2012;43(10):2567-2573 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.756;Rank: 7.03%)
12. Tien-Wen Lee, Yu-Te Wu, Younger W.-Y. Yu, Hung-Chi Wu, Tai-Jui Chen. A smarter brain is associated with stronger neural interaction in healthy young females: A resting EEG coherence study. INTELLIGENCE 2012;40(1):38-48 (SSCI).(Impact factor: 3.168;Rank: 10.83%)
13. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Fronto-temporo-insula gray matter alterations of first-episode, drug-naive and very late-onset panic disorder patients. JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS 2012;140(3):285-291 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.74;Rank: 15.45%)
14. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Frontal regional homogeneity increased and temporal regional homogeneity decreased after remission of first-episode drug-naive major depressive disorder with panic disorder patients under duloxetine therapy for 6 weeks. JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS 2012;136(3):453-458 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.74;Rank: 15.45%)
15. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Patterns of fractional amplitude of low-frequency oscillations in occipito-striato-thalamic regions of first-episode drug-naive panic disorder. JOURNAL OF AFFECTIVE DISORDERS 2012;142(1-3):180-185 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.74;Rank: 15.45%)
16. Hui-Hsin Hu, Chih-I Hung, Yu-Te Wu, Hui-Yun Chen, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Wan-Yuo Guo. Regional quantification of developing human cortical shape with a three-dimensional surface-based magnetic resonance imaging analysis in utero. EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE 2011;34(8):1310-1319 (SCI).(Impact factor: 3.658;Rank: 32.22%)
17. Kuo-Kai Shyu,Yu-Te Wu, Tzong-Rong Chen, Hui-Yun Chen, Hui-Hsin Hu, and Wan-Yuo Guo. Measuring Complexity of Fetal Cortical Surface From MR Images Using 3-D Modified Box-Counting Method. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INSTRUMENTATION AND MEASUREMENT 2011;60(2):522-531 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.106;Rank: 44.94%)
18. Yuan-Lin Liao,Yung-Nien Sun, Wan-Yuo Guo, Yuan-Hwa Chou, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Yu-Te Wu*. A hybrid strategy to integrate surface-based and mutual-information-based methods for co-registering brain SPECT and MR images. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2011;49(6):671-685 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.791;Rank: 25.77%)
19. Yuan-Lin Liao, Chia-Feng Lu, Yung-Nien Sun, Chieh-Tsai Wu, Jiann-Der Lee, Shih-Tseng Lee, Yu-Te Wu*. Three-dimensional reconstruction of cranial defect using active contour model and image registration. Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing 2011;49(2):203-211 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.791;Rank: 25.77%)
20. Chia-Feng Lu, Shin Teng, Chih-I Hung, Po-Jung Tseng, Liang-Ta Lin, Po-Lei Lee, Yu-Te Wu*. Reorganization of functional connectivity during the motor task using EEG time–frequency cross mutual information analysis. Clinical Neurophysiology 2011;122(8):1569-1579 (SCI).(Impact factor: 2.786;Rank: 34.59%)
21. Tien-Wen Lee, Yu-Te Wu, Younger W-Y Yu , Ming-Chao Chen. The implication of functional connectivity strength in predicting treatment response of major depressive disorder: a resting EEG study. PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING 2011;194(3):372-377 (SCI).(Impact factor: 2.064;Rank: 35.71%)
22. Chien-Han Lai, Yu-Te Wu. Duloxetine's modest short-term influences in subcortical structures of first episode drug-naive patients with major depressive disorder and panic disorder. Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 2011;194(2):157-162 (SCI).
23. Yen-Chun Chou, Chia-Feng Lu, Wan-Yuo Guo, Yu-Te Wu*. Blind source separation of hemodynamics from magnetic resonance perfusion brain images using independent factor analysis. International Journal of Biomedical Imaging 2010;2010:360568 (EI).
24. Kuo-Kai Shyu, Yu-Te Wu, Tzong-Rong Chen, Hui-Yun Chen, Hui-Hsin Hu, Wan-Yuo Guo. Analysis of fetal cortical complexity from MR images using 3D entropy based information fractal dimension. Nonlinear Dynamics 2010;61(3):363-372 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.741;Rank: 11.48%)
25. Hsueh-Chieh Lu, Jen-Chuen Hsieh, Ching-Liang Lu, David M. Niddam, Yu-Te Wu, Tzu-Chen Yeh, Chou-Ming Cheng, Full-Young Chang, Shou-Dong Lee. Neuronal correlates in the modulation of placebo analgesia in experimentally-induced esophageal pain: a 3T-fMRI study. PAIN 2010;148(1):75-83 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.355;Rank: 7.69%)
26. Cheng-Hao Tu, David M. Niddam, Hsiang-Tai Chao, Li-Fen Chen, Yong-Sheng Chen, Yu-Te Wu, Tzu-Chen Yeh, Jiing-Feng Lirng, Jen-Chuen Hsieh. Brain morphological changes associated with cyclic menstrual pain. PAIN 2010;150(3):462-468 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.355;Rank: 7.69%)
27. Yu-Te Wu, Kuo-Kai Shyu, Chii-Wen Jao, Zun-Yun Wang, Hsiu-Mei Wu,Bing-Wen Soong,Po-Shan Wang. Fractal Dimension Analysis for Quantifying Cerebellar Morphological Change of Multiple System Atrophy of the Cerebellar Type (MSA-C) . NeuroImage 2010;49(1):539-551 (SCI).(Impact factor: 5.937;Rank: 2.65%)
28. Chien-Han Lai, Yuan-Yu Hsu, Yu-Te Wu. First episode drug-naive major depressive disorder with panic disorder: Gray matter deficits in limbic and default network structures. EUROPEAN NEUROPSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 2010;20(10):676-682 (SCI).(Impact factor: 4.201;Rank: 15.08%)
29. Yu-Te Wu, Kuo-Kai Shyu, Tzong-Rong Chen, Hui-Yun Chen, Hui-Hsin Hu, Wan-Yuo Guo. Using 3D FFT fractal dimension estimator to analysis the complexity of fetal cortical surface from MR images. Expert Systems with Applications 2010;37(8):6123-6127 (SCI).(Impact factor: 1.926;Rank: 20.00%)
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