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Chen, Jyh-Cheng


Chen, Jyh-Cheng  Distinguished Professor


Ph.D., Optical Sciences, University of Arizona, USA 


Office : Experimental building Room B306


E-mail : 
Consultation time : wed 14:00 ~ 16:00
Lab:(02)2826-7000 #5527、#5806、#6361
Field of Research
Research Interest

Main Research:

1. Tumor Detection In Nuclear Medicine
2. Micro-PET/SPECT/CT/OI, Dental CBCT
3. Hybrid Imaging System Development (PET/CT, FT/CT)
4. Image Quality Assessment and Improvement
5. Image Processing and Image Quality Analysis
6. Micro-PET/SPECT/CT Molecular and Genetic Imaging

Past five years and current research topics:

1. Image Reconstruction (FBP, ML-EM,OS-EM, MAP-EM etc).
2. Image Correction (RC, SC, PVC, AC).
3. Image Registration/Fusion (PET/MRI, CT/MRI).
4. Image Rendering (3D MIP, SR, VR).
5. Quantation/Modeling
6. Image Segmentation (GVF Snake).
7. Statistical Image analysis (SPM, FA, PCA,ICA, ROC).
8. Image Calibrations (µSPECT, µCT)


Future research direction: Functional & Molecular Imaging

1. Functional Brain Mapping (PET, SPECT, fMRI, Meg).
2. PET Transporter/Receptor Imaging.
3. Gene Expressing Using MicroPET.
4. Hybrid Imaging Application (PET/CT).
5. Hybrid small animal imaging system development (Micro SPECT/Micro CT) .
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